Operation Warfare

The services rendered by Modern Warfare for Military / Defense Industry Players include:

  • Secure relevant Film & TV Product Placements/Integrations or other Entertainment-related Opportunities for Client
  • Oversee Contract Negotiations between Client and Film & TV Producers
  • Help Develop Entertainment Marketing Strategies for Client
  • Create Marketing Materials for Client (i.e., “Sizzle Reels” or Sales Decks for B2B, Trade Shows, etc.)
  • Provide Client with Detailed Reporting associated with all Product Placements/Integrations
  • Provide Client with Status Reports of Media Hits and Public Relations associated with all Product Placements/Integrations
  • Attend Client Meetings; Provide Clear Channels of Communication with Client
  • Create Awareness of Client’s products, designs and trademarks with studios, networks and producers
  • Coordinate all Hollywood Logistics for Client: Shipping; Warehousing; Insurance; Agreements; Approvals, etc.
  • Help Client achieve Strategic Marketing & PR Goals through association with Entertainment Industry
The services rendered by Modern Warfare for Studios, Networks and Film & TV Producers include:

  • Provide “Access” to Military / Defense Industry
  • Production Resourcing, Brand Integration and Promotional Services
  • Providing smooth lines of Communication between Production (i.e., key personnel) and the Military / Defense Industry
  • Manage all Clearances and Production Paperwork associated with all products placed