"Stone Management goes the extra mile to initiate creative placements and generate excitement for Utz brand snack foods across film, tv and commercials. With a strong team, they’re professional, experienced, have diverse relationships with the Hollywood community and great to work with. Stone Management has made a difference for Utz Brands, Inc."

Utz Brands, Inc.

"Stone Management has done a fantastic job of helping us build deep relationships with film & TV hairstylists who use HASK on set. At the same time, they have secured for us product placements in numerous films and TV series while also assisting us with sponsorships, social media and PR strategies in the US and internationally. They are incredibly connected within the entertainment industry. And finally, Cat, Adam and their team are a blast to work with!"

HASK Beauty

"Like any good relationship, trust, commitment and dedication are foundations for success. We've found great partners in The Stones. Their experience and understanding of each client's specific needs sets them apart from the rest."


"Stone Management continually delivers for all our movies. They are an integral part of our production team. They pay attention and are simply the best in the business. Adam and Cat ALWAYS come through!"

Jeff W. Producer - "Vice", "The Fighter"

"Stone Management knows how to Pop! They're great fans of our brand and it shows in how they've found creative ways to integrate Popchips into films and television shows. We're excited to have Adam and Cat as part of our team."


"Stone Management has a knack for brainstorming great integrations that both enhance films and deliver great exposure for brands."

Royal Purple

"In the modern day business of feature film production where there's an ever increasing necessity to meet budget demands, I would strongly encourage any film team to use Stone Management. When approached with what seems an impossible request, they always seem to come through and never give up."

George P. Executive Producer - "Nebraska", "The Silver Linings Playbook", "The Way, Way Back"

"Adam and Cat are always looking out for us. When we hear from them, it's always with a film project that is a perfect match for our brand. Nothing beats seeing your brand on screen and knowing millions of others are too. Adam and Cat make this happen for us again and again in an authentic way."

Leatherman Tool Group

"Stone Management fills the gap between the budget and the otherwise unrealistic requirements for high-end props, vehicles and airplanes."

Peter V. Producer - "Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die Hard"

"Stone Management is on the pulse of the Hollywood film scene. Through them, our brand has successfully placed key pieces onto the big screen, exposing our collections to otherwise untapped markets."

Lalique North America

"We had an extremely aggressive production plan to execute the project with a wide spectrum of essential placement requirements - Stone Management not only delivered but were able to provide creative options to the filmmakers that enhanced the project, a great experience for all involved"

Colin W. Producer - "Zero Dark Thirty"

"Stone Management is the one partner who knows our brand inside and out. They work diligently to find the perfect opportunities connecting our brand through partners who can reach our key demographics. They are seamless, turn key, and hands on - a true expert in the field of product placement"

Oriental Trading Company

In a business where every dollar counts, The Stones have been a reliable resource for helping bring productions in on budget. Additionally, their connectivity to Corporate America has been extremely helpful. They have made it work at many budget levels. Going the extra yard to make sure all departments have an opportunity to be as creative as possible, bringing in brands who are just as enthusiastic about the project as the filmmakers themselves."

Anthony K. Producer - "Killing Them Softly", "Abduction"

"Stone Management delivered very successful results with respect to our brand integration initiatives...helped augment some of our business-to-business strategies. They were the ideal connective tissue between our community and the Hollywood community."

Northrup Grumman Corporation

"Stone Management represents one of the hidden and underestimated assets in the arsenal of any movie producer. The service that they provide, and the diligent and conscientious manner in which they provide it, has added an inestimable amount of value to all of the films that I have worked on with them."

Greg S. Producer -"The Hurt Locker"; "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas"

"Stone Management has become an integral partner not only in execution, but also in brand planning each year. Their professionalism and expertise have allowed us to branch out in new mediums that I never would have thought possible. From product placement, celebrity sightings, and brand integration to social and PR strategies, their knowledge has been crucial to our continued success."

R.G. Barry Corporation

"We’ve been working with Stone Management since 2007. They are one of the few "handshake companies" that operate today. Rare in the business world, and even more rare in the Entertainment Industry. Complete integrity in their day to day dealings. Whatever they promise, is over-delivered. They have gotten our apparel brands on many A list actors, directors and crew, plus excellent placement in mainstream Hollywood films."

Richlu Manufacturing

"If you need results for your project, you couldn't work with a more energized and enthusiastic group to champion your cause."

WAYNE C. Producer, TNT's "The Last Ship", HBO's "Entourage"

"For incredible results and delivery, Stone Management is the undisputed champion. We have worked with Stone Management on some of Hollywood's most notable boxing films, and we are always thrilled by the outcomes they produce. They always provide our brand with knockout grades with content creators."

TITLE Boxing

"Adam and Cat Stone are in a class by themselves. Their ability to deliver is unparalleled. When they join my projects, they bring to the table creative insight, attention to detail, relentless imagination, great humor and sheer professionalism.

From Hurt Locker to Seal Team Six to The Last Ship, Adam and Cat have been superstars. The shows would never have been able to achieve the level of production value that we did without them."

Tony M., Producer "The Hurt Locker"