Production Resourcing

YOU DREAM IT…WE’LL FIND IT. No matter what products you are looking for to feature on-camera, Stone Management will help you get them. Through our massive database of corporate contacts and brand outreach, we are able to source literally any product, anywhere in the world. From arranging luxury cars in the woods outside Prague, to sending multimillion dollar bomb diffusing robots to the Middle East, to recreating ComiCon in Albuquerque, we help augment the efforts of producers, designers, and production personnel by securing the products needed for a project.

Props, Set Decoration, Wardrobe, Picture Vehicles, Locations, and Production Services are what we do. We’ve saved productions literally millions of dollars by negotiating production discounts (including travel, accommodations, shipping, crew gifts, etc), and by securing free (donated or loaned) products for use during filming of a production. As part of our Production Resourcing services, we implement legal clearances associated with all product placement activity, provide oversight of all shipping and product inventory, and place great emphasis on maintaining smooth lines of communication between production personnel and brands.


  • Monster
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
    "Everything Must Go"
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
    "The Spy Next Store"
  • Maserati
  • Utz
  • Zippo
  • Duane Reade
    "The Accidental Husband"
  • Sweet 'N Low
    "$5 a Day"
  • Resource
    "The Kids Are All Right"
  • Everlast
  • Budweiser
    "The Fighter"
  • Vespa
    "Larry Crowne"
  • Impact Racing
    "At Any Price"
  • Hask
    "Grace & Frankie"
  • YouTube
    "LA LA LAND"

Brand Integration

IS YOUR PROJECT RIGHT FOR A BRAND? By conducting a comprehensive analysis of each entertainment property, Stone Management helps content producers determine if a project is “brand friendly” or able to generate fee-based integration revenue from third party brands. We provide detailed script breakdowns, create presentation materials for brand submission, help develop storyline integration between producers and brands, negotiate fee-based product integration deals, maintain up-to-date production paperwork and reports, and assist with all collection efforts.

IS YOUR BRAND RIGHT FOR A PROJECT? Our positioning in the entertainment industry allows us early access to creative content. It is this “inside” access that allows brands and Hollywood outsiders to get their products, logos, designs and venues into some of Hollywood’s biggest, most popular film and television projects. By working closely with brand owners, executives, agencies and representatives, we strive to become educated about a brand’s advertising/marketing initiatives and budgetary guidelines so that we can align a brand with the right entertainment-related opportunities.